We are Hiring!

woman curling another woman s hair
Photo by David Geib on Pexels.com

We offer flexible scheduling!



Booth Rent – day/part/full time

All booth renters pay weekly

Those that are full time rental can work as little or as often as they choose.

Our stylist are driven, inspired, caring and take their career seriously.

We are careful with who we bring in to our salon. We strive to have a strong Salon Team that gets along and enjoys the company of each other.

We proudly provide towels, drapes, back bar, retail for sale, coffee bar, a selection of shared used tint brushes, bowels,  and wisks for your use.  

We also have a gorgeous social media page to help promote our business, offer optional marketing campaigns and you’ll love welcoming your guests to our inviting salon space.   

Shall we talk?

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